Historical and Linguistic Studies
in Literature Related to the New Testament.
Volume I. Chicago: Chicago Universite Press, 1909


I. Allan Hoben. The Virgin Birth

II. Henry Martyn Herrick. The Kingdom of God in the Writings of the Fathers

III. A. Augustus Hobson. The Diatessaron of Tatian and the Synoptic Problem

IV. Hamilton Ford Allen. The Infinitive in Polybius Compared with the Infinitive in Biblical Greek

V. Effie Freeman Thompson. Μετανοέω and Μεταμέλει in Greek Literature until 100 A.D.

VI. Frederick Owen Norton. A Lexicographical and Historical Study of Διαθήκη

VII. Frank Grant Lewis. The Irenaeus Testimony to the Fourth Gospel

VIII. Calvin Klopp Staudt. The Idea of the Resurrection in the Ante-Nicene Period

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